[MlMt] Urgent: inbox discrepancy

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu May 12 05:58:52 EDT 2016

On 11 May 2016, at 22:43, Howard Wettstein wrote:

> Benny, Thanks for your attention to this. I did check; found a message 
> in the Inbox of Apple Mail. I had previously moved it to a folder 
> using Mailmate.

The logs show that there really is 138 messages in the INBOX. This means 
the problem is likely to be MailMate (since it only shows you 5 

> and I checked and found it in the right folder.

I assume you checked in MailMate. If you enable the UID column (View ▸ 
Columns) then I would expect that this message has no UID. This means 
that the move has not been completed (synchronized with the server).

> So Mailmate moved it properly.

Not really :( We need to figure out why MailMate does not complete the 
move. I can see that Gmail throttles your traffic. This indicates some 
kind of looping behavior — maybe related to a very large number of 
mailboxes. It also means that you have persistent spinners in the 
mailbox list.

I suggest you take most of your mailboxes offline in the account (again 
to simplify the issue). Hold down ⌥ when you expand the Gmail account 
under SOURCES to expand the entire hierarchy. Then use ⇧ to select all 
of the mailboxes in the account and then use “Mailbox ▸ Take 
Offline”. Finally, take the INBOX online and maybe the destination 
mailbox of the moved message. Then wait to see if this synchronizes 
(spinners stop and the message gets a UID).

Oh, and don't send your logs to the list. They could contain sensitive 
data (mailbox names, email addresses, etc.).

I hope this wasn't too unclear.


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