[MlMt] 3 (little?) setup errors

Bill Cole mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com
Fri May 6 23:17:45 EDT 2016

On 6 May 2016, at 14:03, Mike Petonic wrote:

> Hi All --
> I'm getting little errors when I run MailMate from iTerm. I'm 
> wondering if there are quick fixes or if I have something elementary 
> wrong with my setup.
> Worst case, would I have to blow away my ~/Library/Application 
> Support/MailMail library and start creating my customizations from 
> new?  I'd hate to do that, but I'll do it if I can.
> I have the following errors that appear on my terminal when I run 
> MailMate:
> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer.
> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer
> 	/var/folders/8x/dzmmfpk11953yj78093pv8780000gn/T/mailmate_command.j1Gbh7: 
> line 2: premailer: command not found
> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer.
> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer
> 	/var/folders/8x/dzmmfpk11953yj78093pv8780000gn/T/mailmate_command.XVVSuY: 
> line 2: premailer: command not found
> 	Warning: Failed to run premailer.

It looks like Benny has put a dependency on the Ruby 'premailer' tool 
into his OakMIME Framework but neglected to package a working copy in 
the MailMate application bundle...

> Also, when I receive calendar events from my colleagues using Outlook 
> on Windows, I get the following:
> 	Warning: Unable to handle alternative in multipart of MIME type: 
> 'text/calendar'

Welcome to the wonderful world of the iCalendar/vCalendar standard(ish) 
and it's fantastical interoperability (not "fantastic" meaning "great" 
but rather "a pure fantasy")

Assuming that desktop Outlook sends the same thing Office365 Outlook 
sends (when configured to send as iCalendar instead of a web link) that 
warning is because Outlook sends a mulipart/alternative message with 3 
alternative (i.e. logically equivalent) parts in 3 different formats: 
text/plain, text/html, and text/calendar. MM doesn't know how to present 
a text/calendar part (aka iCalendar, .ics file, etc.) except as an 
attachment, so if you use the "View->Message Body Parts" to show the 
text/calendar you just see an attachment named "Attachment.ics" and no 

As far as I know (and I manage multiple multi-tenant mail systems) no 
other mailer in existence sends event invites/updates like that, however 
it does make a certain logical sense, unlike most of the ways Microsoft 
has sent events around in the past. All MM would have to do to handle 
text/calendar as an alternative part is to extract and display the 
DESCRIPTION field and offer an Attachment.ics attachment as it already 
does (at least in my very limited testing.) If you're seeing a .ics 
attachment, you're not really losing anything by MM not "handling" the 

> And finally, I'm not able to use the GAL from Windows in MailMate.  I 
> can see the GAL (Global Address List) in my Contacts.app and I can 
> search for names from there, but I can't use it in the "Address 
> Lookup" button at the top of a compose window.

That's odd. I don't use that feature in MM but it appears that anything 
Contacts considers a "Directory" (LDAP or Exchange) works in Contacts 
but not in the Address Panel. I can see my LDAP and Office365 
directories under "All Directories" but they just don't work. So it's 
not just you...

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