[MlMt] Update to Visualize bundle

Sherif Soliman sherif at ssoliman.com
Mon Mar 7 16:07:52 EST 2016

On 6 Mar 2016, at 10:46, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

> On 30 Jan 2016, at 1:21, Sherif Soliman wrote:
> Hey,
> I enjoy your visualisation bundle and I just stumbled on this 
> paragraph from latest email where you asked for feedback:
>> Next up on my list is creating a statistics page that gives you 
>> different summaries/notes about the emails you selected, plotting by 
>> month and by year in Emails by Time (if the emails span more than one 
>> year), and visualizing recipient of emails, which is a bit trickier 
>> than visualizing the senders because each email has only one sender, 
>> but potentially many recipients.
> Any news on this - sounds cool.

Unfortunately not. I had put off some work to focus and push the latest 
set of changes to the bundle through and haven't returned to work on it 
since (got pretty busy with work).

But hearing that there are people out there interested in 
improvements/updates is certainly encouraging :) I'll see if I can 
dedicate some time to it soon.

> btw. have you seen gmailmeter.com - it has some interesting stats that 
> would be awesome to do on mailmate directly
> instead of only working on gmail's.

I hadn't heard about it, thanks for the tip. It looks pretty polished 
and I can probably get some ideas/inspiration for things to do for the 
bundle from it.

> Anyways, thanks for a fun plugin!

You're welcome :) Thanks for the feedback.


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