[MlMt] Can I change the arrow glyph in the Correspondents column?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Mar 4 05:08:36 EST 2016

On 4 Mar 2016, at 3:35, Sam Hathaway wrote:

> Messages I send have a right-facing arrow glyph in the Correspondents 
> column. To me, it looks too large and dark compared to the surrounding 
> text. Can I tell MailMate to use a glyph that I find more 
> aesthetically pleasing?

It's possible to redefine the correspondence column, but this is a low 
level feature. I agree that it's not looking very good and I've replaced 
it with something simpler. If you don't like it then we can return to 
the subject of custom columns.


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