[MlMt] Emailing documents from other apps fails

Jim Cook jim.cook at nocketts.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 04:38:01 EST 2016


I have my default mail app set to MailMate.

>From Finder I'm able to send a document by secondary-clicking on a file,
selecting Share->Mailmate or Services->New Email with Attachment, both of
which bring up a MailMate compose window with the selected file attached.

Likewise, sharing from Pages works fine in a similar manner.

However when I try to send from Adobe Acrobat or any of the Microsoft
Office applications I get errors:

Acrobat: "The SendMail doesn't know how to talk to your default mail
client.  Please select a different mail application to use."

Word: "Word was unable to mail your document.  Please make sure your mail
program is configured correctly and that you can send mail with it."

This is mighty inconvenient, is there a way to fix this?

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I'm unable to find anything in the
MailMate list.


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