[MlMt] Missing messages from gmail server

Harvey Leff hsleff at cpp.edu
Thu Mar 3 01:30:59 EST 2016

I have a gmail account for which some messages seemed to disappear from 
MailMate; i.e., when I searched for them, they were no longer there.

However, when I logged into gmail via the web, the messages DID show on 
the gmail server. So I then used the Rebuild Database Terminal command

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/*.tmp printf "OldDatabase" > 
~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/.rebuild.tmp

to re-sync the entire database. After the rebuild, the  messages that 
were missing initially STILL were not in MailMate.

Some numbers for comparison:

Gmail server:
	All Mail 91411
	Sent 3899
	All Messages 8210
	Sent Messages 4854

Any ideas on why such (large) differences should exist and how this can 
be rectified? Thanks.

Harvey Leff
Portland, Oregon USA

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