[MlMt] Workaround for sending a link from Safari via MailMate

David Shepherdson david at shepherdson.name
Thu Jan 28 15:58:19 EST 2016

On 27 Jan 2016, at 19.32, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> I don't think there is a better way and this is also why I dislike the 
> “digest” option for anything but read-only usage.
> I was going to write that there is no formal digest format, but it 
> appears an [RFC](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1153) actually 
> describes a somewhat standard format. If the `Message-ID` is provided 
> for each message then the problem appears to be that MailMate is not 
> smart enough to handle these digest messages. When replying to a 
> digest message then MailMate should identify its subparts and ask the 
> user which one to reply to. It should then setup the correct subject 
> line, in-reply-to header, skip the subject-warning, etc.

It turns out, there *is* actually a way to do this in MailMate, I’ve 
found: the All Messages folder has an All Message Subparts sub-folder, 
in which each individual message from a digest appears. This seems to be 
a ‘special’ folder (in that I can’t see any setting in the Edit 
Mailbox view that makes it work like this, or a way to set up one of 
these in the Mailing Lists smart folder, for example), but it works — 
I can select an individual message and reply to it (like I am with this 

So either Benny implemented it and forgot about it :-), or it came for 
free as part of another feature. Either way, it works for me!


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