[MlMt] Keyboard shortcut for selecting multiple non consecutive mails (and applying action to that selection)

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Tue Jan 26 06:05:03 EST 2016

On 26 Jan 2016, at 11:35, MailMate ML wrote:

Off topic to all list users: I've seen a few users on the list using 
“MailMate” in their mailing list user names. I'm afraid this could 
lead to confusion since it makes it look like official replies (from 
me). It's also a bit confusing when multiple posters have the same name. 
I would prefer the use of some anonymous handle or a real name. (I have 
no problem with `mailmate` in the email address.)

On topic:

> I'm considering MailMate as my MUA because of its "keyboard centric" 
> approach.

Thanks for considering MailMate!

> [non-consecutive selection of emails]
> I realize Crtl + Up/Down key are already used for Mission Control by 
> default iirc, but one could use alt + UP/Down and space for selecting 
> e.g . Of course there would be others shortcut to move/delete/save 
> selected mails .

The main problem is that the GUI class used for the list (NSOutlineView) 
does not support separating navigation and selection.

> Do you know if this Shortcut behaviour could be available for MailMate 
> ?

It's at least interesting to explore if you can get something similar. 
Here is an example:

	"f" = ( "toggleFlag:" );
	"m" = ( "selectWithFilter:", "#flags.flag = '\\Flagged'", 
"moveToMailbox:" );

Save that in this file (you need to create the path):


And then add `custom` to the key bindings field in the General 
preferences pane.

Now you should be able to hit `f` to flag emails (you can also use the 
default ⌥⌘L) and use `m` to open the “Move to Mailbox” 

I've kept it as simple as possible in this example. More key bindings 
are needed for other actions and instead of the flag you might want to 
use a dedicated colored flag or a tag (and enable the Tags column and 
maybe use an emoji). It's not straightforward to setup, but it's very 
flexible. And you are welcome to ask questions.

Read more about custom key bindings 

This is best I can offer you for now.

(You might want the latest test version of MailMate since it 
automatically detects when a custom key bindings file is updated on 
disk: Hold down ⌥ when clicking “Check Now” in the Software Update 
preferences pane.)

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