[MlMt] Keyboard shortcut for selecting multiple non consecutive mails (and applying action to that selection)

MailMate ML mailmate at ixsys.fr
Tue Jan 26 05:35:48 EST 2016


I'm considering MailMate as my MUA because of its "keyboard centric" 

While evaluating MailMate (before purchasing), I realize one can not 
select multiple non consecutive mails with Keyboard.

Before, under Linux/BSD (and even Windows when I was forced to use it ;) 
), this behaviour was possible with Thunderbird , and the Nostalgy addon 
added power to that : Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow for naviguating between 
mails, and Space bar for adding to selection, thus Shift + M for moving 
to a subfolder, or simply delete all selected mails !

This behaviour made my days in the past until I realize how bad 
Thunderbird is on OSX.

I realize Crtl + Up/Down key are already used for Mission Control by 
default iirc, but one could use alt + UP/Down and space for selecting 
e.g . Of course there would be others shortcut to move/delete/save 
selected mails .

Do you know if this Shortcut behaviour could be available for MailMate ?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

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