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Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jan 25 05:18:13 EST 2016

On 24 Jan 2016, at 21:04, John Rakestraw wrote:

> I've been using Mailmate without issue for a month or so. One of my 
> accounts (a university account with gmail) has gone offline and I 
> can’t figure out how to bring it back.

Click on it under SOURCES in the mailbox list. Then select “Mailbox 
▸ Take Online”.

Accounts are not supposed to go offline without some kind of warning 
having been displayed to the user. If this happens often then let me 
know and we can debug.

> I’ve discovered that an attempt to edit the subscriptions for this 
> account produces this error message:
> Error: “OAUTH2 error is 
> {"status":"400","schemes":"Bearer","scope":"https://mail.google.com/"}”

Ah, that's a bug. I had not considered that it would be necessary to 
handle this in the subscriptions code (usually, this problem would 
already have been fixed by the IMAP handling code).

> A web search for this error message yields this: “This can also 
> happen if you are using an expired token. If that is the case, just re 
> authenticate your user and use the new token.”

Expired (access) tokens happen all the time. Let me know if taking the 
account online does not fix it.

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