[MlMt] Error: Unable to obtain UID for message at destination mailbox

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Jan 22 04:47:12 EST 2016

On 22 Jan 2016, at 7:53, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 21 Jan 2016, at 23:59, Andrey Ustyuzhanin wrote:
>> Are there any ideas what can be done to fix this?
> When the server does not provide the UID automatically then MailMate 
> has various strategies to obtain it and this is likely to be what 
> fails. In order to analyze the issue I need you to hold down shift 
> (⇧) when clicking “Retry”. This should generate a log file on 
> your desktop which you can send to me using “Help ▸ Send 
> Feedback”. Don't send it to the list since it's likely to contain 
> email addresses and a small bit of the uploaded message.

Thanks for the logs (off list). The problem is this unexpected reply 
from the server:

08:43:41 S: I6 OK [APPENDUID 1344434475 none] APPEND Completed.

It tells MailMate that the UIDVALIDITY value of the destination mailbox 
is 1344434475 (which is fine) and that the UID is `none` which is pure 
nonsense (it should be a positive integer). In other words, the problem 
is a server bug with the side effect that MailMate skips its workarounds 
for obtaining a UID. I'll look into fixing that and let you know when I 
have something for you to test.

You are also most welcome to report the issue to Yandex by referencing 
this email (my Russian skills are extremely basic). This is the feedback 
URL from the IMAP log: http://feedback.yandex.ru/?from=mail

A very quick fix for them would be to simply return `OK APPEND 
Completed` if they really cannot provide the UID.

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