[MlMt] How to make rules?

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Mon Jan 18 17:06:56 EST 2016

On 18 Jan 2016, at 13:26, Scott Schulz wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 2:43 PM, Benny Kjær Nielsen 
> <mailinglist at freron.com>
> wrote:
>> Something like that could be useful, but it's not straightforward.
> MailMate cannot
>> automatically guess which header is needed to match the message. In 
>> other
>> words, either the menu item needs to be specific like “Add rule 
>> based on
> sender
>> of this email” or MailMate can create a rule with multiple 
>> conditions of
> which
>> the user could delete those not needed. I'll give it some thought.
> That would be nice, though for myself I tend to use rules for either 
> groups
> or people, so perhaps it could start to make a bit of a decision, e.g.
> If List-Id or X-Original-To then the default filter rule would be for 
> the
> whole list,
> else default filter based on sender
> That would work for many of the ones I create at least.


I'll take this opportunity to request a Rule condition matching a 
Contacts.app group...

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