[MlMt] changing the synchronisation schedule under 5 minutes

Vlad Ghitulescu Vlad at Ghitulescu.de
Mon Jan 18 10:14:22 EST 2016

On 18 Jan 2016, at 15:20, Mike Brasch wrote:

> On 18 Jan 2016, at 15:00, Vlad Ghitulescu wrote:
>> No, is grayed out.
>> Oh, perhaps because I'm in trial mode?! I have only 4-5 days of using 
>> MailMate under my belt… ;-)
> If I remember correctly MailMate allows three IDLE connections per 
> account. Could this be the case for you?

Sorry, but I really don't know. *IDLE connection* = synch. schedule 
CONNECTED in MailMate?
Right now I have 3 different IMAP accounts configured in MailMate and 
none of them have *connected* as choosable alternative in the 
synchronization schedule.

> Somewhere is an option to allow more connections. If I remember I'll 
> tell you.
> I don't know how MailMate behaves, if the provider don't allow you to 
> use more IDLE connections.

One of the accounts is a GMail-account, so it should behave GMail-like.

> I'm not shure, but this (provider) limit applies for the account over 
> all connected clients.
> -- 
> Gruß
> Mike



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