[MlMt] using Mailto leads to plain text instead of Markdown -solutions?

Jason Davies ophiochoslists at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 14:12:11 EST 2016

>> I'm on build r8197 beta build.
> Wauw ;-)

Yes, I thought I was getting beta builds automatically but forgot which 
way round to use alt-check now;)

>> Am I missing something obvious here?;)
> No, I've disabled Markdown for `mailto:` URLs when a `body` parameter 
> is provided. I did this, because the classic use of `mailto:` (a link 
> on some homepage) would naturally not use Markdown and could be 
> misinterpreted by MailMate

Ah. I wondered if it was something like that.

I imagine that customising mailto is probably not a good option (eg if 
someone used my database, and didn't have Mailmate (etc).

What would solve it for me (and other Filemaker users, I suspect) would 
be to either allow an Applescript to set the front message to Markdown, 
or have it be a preference, or have a keystroke that Applescript could 
press to set the front message to Markdown (I can't find one but perhaps 
I'm missing something, again...)

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