[MlMt] using Mailto leads to plain text instead of Markdown -solutions?

Jason Davies ophiochoslists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 10:26:22 EST 2016

Hi folks

I'm generating emails from a Filemaker Pro database and I see that after 
about ten years they still haven't fixed the problem about using not 
Mail or Outlook emailers;)

So I've munged together a mailto calculation which FM opens as a URL and 
sets Mailmate into action, which is working great except that it's 
making Mailmate go to plain text instead of Markdown for these new 
messages. The preferences have 'Enable Markdown for new messages' and I 
can't think of anything else to check. If I create a new message 
manually it does have markdown enabled.

I'm on build r8197 beta build.

Am I missing something obvious here?;)


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