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On 25 Dec 2015, at 12:04, Comic Sans wrote:

> Sorry for the messed up format, I'm re-sending as text...

Sorry about the late reply. The first message was fine for HTML capable 
email clients, but for some reason it did not contain a plain text 
alternative (despite only containing plain text)...

> I've configured my Gmail accounts as documented in the manual:
> http://manual.mailmate-app.com/account_setup
> So basically no subscription to "All Mail" mailbox + custom 
> "[Gmail]/Archive" mailbox.
> As far as MailMate is concerned, this seems to work like a charm.
> What I have problems with is setting up a mail client on iPhone that 
> will work well with this setup.
> Specifically, I'm not able to set up archiving correctly. I have tried 
> several clients and they all seem to be too smart, as in doing things 
> in the Gmail way and ignoring my custom archive mailbox.
> Apple's Mail app seemes to be able to configure archive mailbox, but 
> for some reason archiving or moving messages there results in them not 
> being labelled with "[Gmail]/Archive", hence I assume the app tries to 
> handle it Gmail way, where archived messages are not labelled.
> Boxer seems to behave the same, and Outlook refuses to start if "All 
> Mail" is not subscribed.
> Any suggestions here, what mail client do you use on iPhone?

Sorry, I have no experience with the behavior of iOS clients.

> How do you set up Gmail on iPhone that works well with MailMate setup?

MailMate also allows subscribing to “[Gmail]/All Mail” and you could 
then use this as your Archive mailbox. This relies on MailMate being 
able to ignore duplicates (emails existing in other mailboxes) which can 
be quite tricky. Gmail is not very well documented and it's certainly 
not standard IMAP. I write about it 
and I've improved on the implementation several times since then — but 
I'm not claiming it works perfectly.

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