[MlMt] Google login issues?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Aug 31 15:03:57 EDT 2016

On 31 Aug 2016, at 20:22, Kee Hinckley wrote:

> I haven't tried any of those solutions yet. I _did_ discover that the 
> best way to deal with it is to hit cancel and then go reenable the 
> account. Most of the time it then succeeds without the 400 error. 
> There's no actual need to renew the token. Sure feels like a Google 
> bug. Maybe some attempt at spam limiting?

This indicates that a possible workaround for MailMate is to wait longer 
between retries before reporting it as an error (but it's an annoying 
workaround, because it's non-deterministic).

It also indicates that MailMate is not to blame, but that doesn't really 
solve the problem.

It might be a limit on how many logins can be done within a certain time 

> Note these (year+ old) comments about issues with Google OAUTH2 with 
> multiple accounts. Not sure if they are relevant.
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30212728/google-oauth2-and-400-bad-request-bug-on-google-side
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30511843/google-oauth2-returns-bad-request-when-logged-with-multiple-accounts

I'm not sure either, but they do indicate that the problem is unlikely 
to be that MailMate generates a bad request as reported by Google.


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