[MlMt] Using MailMate for 'handoff' from iDevices

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Tue Oct 27 05:07:44 EDT 2015

I have moved to MailMate as my only (GUI) mailer on my Mac (you'll have 
to pry Mutt out of my cold, dead hands).  I don't have any accounts 
configured in Mail.app and have MailMate set as my default mailer.

When I look at an email on my iPhone, the newfangled 'continuity' or 
'handoff' voodoo puts the Mail.app icon in the dock and the command-tab 
list on my laptop to continue looking at it.

Is there a way to put MailMate there instead?  Or to not make Mail.app 
appear?  I'm not personally interested in the handoff feature for email 
but perhaps other people are. :)  I don't want to turn the handoff off 
completely as it's sometimes useful for other applications.  Reason I 
ask is that I accidentally click the Mail.app icon and then have to tell 
it to go away again.



Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information

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