[MlMt] MailMate and PGP is slow

Lars Chr. Duus Hausmann jazz-mailmate at zqz.dk
Thu Oct 22 03:58:52 EDT 2015


I would like to use encryption, and I’ve setup gpg tools and as such 
it works pretty well. However, it seems that lately performance has 
become quite unbearable.

I experience lags from mailmate in the following use-cases, where I’ve 
noticed it:
  - composing mails (or rather drawing the preview window I guess)
  - marking multiple mails in folders

I’ve now disabled encryption (and signing) for now, and it’s nice 
and fast again. Just for reference I’ve played around with a couple of 
other MUA’s with encryption/signing enabled and haven’t noticed the 
same problems.

So - any advice on how to MailMate to perform better with OpenPGP tools 

Lars Chr.

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