[MlMt] Any doc on writing bundles please?

Rob Willett (Mail Mate) rob.mailmate at robertwillett.com
Sat Oct 17 06:33:49 EDT 2015


I’m trying out the trial version for a month to see if I can switch from Apple Mail. So far so good, at least MailMate works properly on El Capitan when you have multiple users unlike Apple Mail :)

One of the areas I do a lot of work on, is creating and moving tabular data. Currently I use Excel to get the data in the right format and cut and paste the table to Apple Mail. Whilst the output isn’t fantastic, its a single step process.

I know I can use Markdown to create tables and have use the online web tool http://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables to create my tables which I then cut and paste into MailMate.

However this workflow isn’t as quick and easy as a cut and paste even if the output is nicer.

I can see that there are bundles available and I had a quick look on various github repositories to see if anything would work but I couldn’t see anything that fitted. 

What I want to do is have an easy way to cut and paste tabular data from an Excel cut and paste. I am very, very happy to write something in Perl, C or shell that takes the output out of MailMate, format the table for markdown and feed it back into MailMate. The processing into Markdown from a CSV or cit/pasreis the easy bit, I’m trying to see if theres anyway to do this as a bundle, a pipe command or whatever so that its easy from MailMate.

Any suggestions please?



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