[MlMt] Escaping from a search returns to the last message in a folder.

Scott A. McIntyre mailmate at howyagoin.net
Thu Oct 8 21:01:38 EDT 2015


>> If I search for something, either using the search box in the corner, 
>> or, clicking on something like a subject or a sender in a currently 
>> displayed mail - then when I then type "escape" to exit out of the 
>> search-view, I'm returned to the very first message of my inbox.
> I think this has always been the case and its not new. To rephrase, if 
> you search and read old mails, then hit "escape", then you remain on 
> that old mail, but without the search interface. If you want to go 
> back to the top of the list of mails, then you have to scroll up. 
> Frankly, in some cases I find it useful since you are left in the 
> context of that old mail, but yeah, sometimes you are done with old 
> mail and want to get back to the new...

Not quite.

It literally goes to the very first message in my inbox for the account 
that I started the search from - it doesn't stay on the old message that 
I found in the search, it re-selects the very first (oldest) message in 
the mailbox that (likely) has nothing to do with the search.


Select Inbox for Home account.
See most recent message at top.
Click on most recent message to display.
Now type "/ f wilbur"

All messages from wilbur are now displayed.

I scroll to one, select it, display it.

Now I hit escape.

I'm back at the Home inbox, but, MailMate is showing a message from 
Belinda, which happens to be the very first message (oldest) in the 

The situation you describe was the old situation that I was happy with, 
but for the last week whenever I leave a search I'm taken to the oldest 
message in the inbox, if I was in the inbox when I started the search.


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