[MlMt] Can a pop account be used with mailmate as well as IMAP accounts

Gary Hull YH82d7dfU at yandex.com
Fri Nov 27 20:31:24 EST 2015

A problem with this idea is that Google has security procedures that cut 
off automated access to accounts at the drop of a hat. I constantly 
noticed that particular Gmail accounts were a week out of date in 
MailMate (or two months, in the case of accounts I rarely used), and I 
had to go into the webmail interface for Gmail to reset it and get it 
working again. I'm not sure all the things that trigger this, but for 
instance, I live overseas and use VPNs from time to time. If I have 
MailMate running all the time, and forget to kill it before using a VPN, 
MailMate will attempt a sync, and Google will notice a change in 
location, and boom!, you're locked out. It's no problem if you're using 
the web interface, since Google will just throw up something to confirm, 
and then let you in. But MailMate just gets an error saying "666 Take a 
hike, hacker" and then gets locked out. Also, if you change your 
computer in any way, like adding a hard disk, or adding and detaching a 
backup hard disk.  Or if you use a system cleanup utility. Google really 
has a hair trigger. I used to have several Gmail accounts that I would 
consolidate by having a couple of main Gmail account gather the lesser 
accounts together. Even within Gmail itself this would happen! Gmail 
would cut off one Gmail account's access of another's!

I have a few unimportant Gmail accounts that use gmail.com and not my 
own domains, and I tend to keep them set to offline and then manually 
sync them from time to time. Other than that I've completely stopped 
using Google mail because of these hassles.

On 28 Nov 2015, at 2:59, Mailmate wrote:

> I too have some POP accounts and MailMate does not handle those 
> directly. I found what has turned out to be a nice solution and that 
> is to set up a gmail account to receive your POP and have MailMate 
> access the gmail account as IMAP.
> an example…
> POP account is plough at xyzzy.com
> Setup gmail account: plough.xyzzy at gmail.com
> In gmail settings/accounts and import set check mail from other 
> accounts (using POP3) to plough at xyzzy.com
> And if you want the mail you send from plough.xyzzy at gmail.com to look 
> as though it came from plough at xyzzy.com you can do that in gmail or in 
> MailMate.
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> On 27 Nov 2015, at 8:08, Caroline Rhodes 
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>> I know that your website says solutions for Imap accounts but I have 
>> a few imap accounts and a couple of pop accounts. ideally I would 
>> like to use the same mail client for all of them.
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>> Caroline
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