[MlMt] Importing accounts Problem

Martin Rice martinrice1 at mac.com
Wed Nov 25 07:35:14 EST 2015


This is my first message to the list.

I downloaded MailMate this morning to try it out before buying after 
having had it highly recommended to me.

I have 4 email accounts: 1 is a .mac account. The other three are 
associated with two websites I run that are hosted by SiteGround. One of 
these websites has two email addresses and the other has one.

When setting up MailMate, the .mac address downloaded my mail almost 
immediately and is functioning perfectly

The other three accounts, however, that is, the not .mac accounts, are 
in the Sources list in the sidebar. Since I set up about two hours ago, 
there is a gear wheel spinning next to the names of those three accounts 
and nothing has downloaded.

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening and what I might be able 
to do about it?

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