[MlMt] Delayed inappropriate update to gmail

David Green dgreenbhm at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 05:57:24 EST 2015

I have three accounts set up with MailMate:

1. Exchange 
2. Gmail 
3. Gmail for organizations

My problem only seems to happen with the gmail account #2 and probably started occurring over last month.

First, read status (read on Mac reflects into the server and out to another machine either imap or web mail. 

However, moving an item to trash or another folder does not reflect into the server for a while. I can force it by quitting and restarting MailMate.

I have a second machine with MailMate and it does not exhibit this problem.  It maybe that this problem manifests itself after running a bit but I have had mixed results. 

Any ideas?

Dave Green

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