[MlMt] External anti-spam filter, Roaring Penguin

Lars Fischer lars at nordu.net
Sun Nov 15 11:07:28 EST 2015


I’m using an external anti-spam service (by way of MX), based on the Roaring Penguin hosted solution (https://www.roaringpenguin.com/). The hosted solution does scoring, tags mails with scoring headers plus headers that look like:

 X-Antispam-Training-Forget: <url-with-hash=f>
 X-Antispam-Training-Nonspam: <url-with-hash=n>
 X-Antispam-Training-Phish: <url-with-hash=p>
 X-Antispam-Training-Spam: <url-with-hash=s>

Each <urls> serve as training hint for the Baysian spam filter. Doing a http request for url provides the hint for the filter.

In my setup, the mail is then delivered, with these headers, from the MX to the imap server.  The imap server filters into Junk folders based on the scoring headers, before I fetch it.

All this works fine, and I can train the filter by finding the right url in the headers.  However, it would of course be easier if MailMate supported this - i.e., if I could configure that the “Move out of Junk” button fetch this header and do the http request for nonspam training, and likewise when moving a mail to Junk.

Is there a ways to do this?

Lars Fischer - CTO, NORDUnet
<lars at nordu.net>, +45 2288 1729, @lpfischer
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