[MlMt] selecting a message marks it as read

Shoshanna Green shoshannag at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 13:39:50 EST 2015

On the current version (r5175) as well as the version from a few days 
ago that I just updated from, hoping this had been fixed, selecting 
(highlighting) a message in the viewer window marks it as read, before 
I've even opened it. Whoops?

(Increasing the value in Preferences - Viewer - Message View - "Mark 
messages read after [ ] seconds" from zero to 10 does not change this 
behavior; the message is marked as read immediately upon being selected, 
not after 10 seconds. If I delesect the "Mark messages read..." option 
entirely, the message is never marked as read even after I've opened it, 
which I suppose is correct behavior but nothing I'd want.)

Shoshanna Green
shoshannag at gmail.com

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