[MlMt] Impossible to set up multiple IMAP accounts pointing to the same IMAP server

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Nov 10 09:32:28 EST 2015

On 10 Nov 2015, at 15:24, Alberto Caporro wrote:

> after experiencing a total loss of our email server, I'm trying to add 
> to MailMate a new account pointing to the new server; connection 
> parameters are the same.
> I've left hanging around the old account (in offline state), so that I 
> can later copy back all my emails to the new account.

You need to be very careful. If MailMate goes online and thinks it's the 
same server (which it'll think if the settings are the same) then its 
first action is going to be to delete its local cache since the emails 
are gone server-side.

> The problem is that, when I add an IMAP account, MailMate seems to be 
> confused and updates the old one with the data I input.

Hmm, it would be better if MailMate simply refused to do anything. 
Internally, MailMate cannot handle two accounts with the same settings.

> I've already tried changing the parameters of the old account to 
> something else (which doesn't matter, since it's offline), but the 
> same still happens.
> It seems that MailMate somehow "remembers" the server the old account 
> was configured with (or the email address, or something else) and gets 
> confused.

Something like that happens. MailMate always remember the original 
settings. This is for efficiency reasons (to avoid a lot of renaming).

I'm not really sure how to best do this. **At least make sure you have a 
backup of all your emails.**

This might work:

* Create an account with some dummy settings.
* Move all emails/mailboxes to the dummy account.
* Remove the old account (“Mailbox ▸ Remove Source” after 
selecting it under SOURCES).
* Update the settings in the dummy account.

This should mean that the emails do not have UIDs which implicitly means 
that they are uploaded to the server (instead of being deleted when 
synchronizing with the empty server).

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