[MlMt] Impossible to set up multiple IMAP accounts pointing to the same IMAP server

Alberto Caporro acaporro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 09:24:16 EST 2015

Hi MailMaters,

after experiencing a total loss of our email server, I'm trying to add to
MailMate a new account pointing to the new server; connection parameters
are the same.
I've left hanging around the old account (in offline state), so that I can
later copy back all my emails to the new account.

The problem is that, when I add an IMAP account, MailMate seems to be
confused and updates the old one with the data I input.

I've already tried changing the parameters of the old account to something
else (which doesn't matter, since it's offline), but the same still happens.

It seems that MailMate somehow "remembers" the server the old account was
configured with (or the email address, or something else) and gets confused.

Anyone here experienced something like this?

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