[MlMt] Version 1.9.3 (5164) Release Notes?

Muster Hans muster at sture.ch
Tue Nov 3 13:20:47 EST 2015

On 3 Nov 2015, at 18:40, Billy Youdelman wrote:

> In the past, installing an updated copy of MailMate displayed the 
> release notes.  It was also possible to read them via the Help menu.  
> Both of these are missing in today's Version 1.9.3 (5164), although 
> ReleaseNotes.html is still present in the Resources folder of 
> MailMate.app.

That worked for me.  I could see the Release Notes as soon as the newly 
installed version of MailMate relaunched.

The window was however positioned behind the main MailMate window, 
peeking out at one side.  Maybe I was just lucky with the positioning.  
Did you look at the Window menu?

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