[MlMt] Version 1.9.3 (5164) Release Notes?

Billy Youdelman billy at MIX.ORG
Tue Nov 3 13:02:07 EST 2015

On 3 Nov 2015, at 10:45, Thomas Eckhold wrote, quoting me:

>> In the past, installing an updated copy of MailMate displayed the 
>> release notes.
> That was the case for me.

After some use of MailMate, the Release Notes window appeared..  I did
look earlier, as sometimes they were hidden behind the Viewer Window,
and didn't find them.

>> It was also possible to read them via the Help menu.
> Works for me.

Here's what I see in the Help Menu -

![](cid:8ECAF809-F257-4579-846D-640E862C9585 at MIX.ORG "From 

After taking this screen shot, and having my note to the list held due 
to its size, I went to take a smaller on and noticed the Release Notes 
menu item had appeared here too (at the bottom of the list)...

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