[MlMt] Nervous about integration with my smartphone

Sparky Doosan sparky.doosan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 23:10:08 EST 2015

Hey I hope it's OK to share thoughts and feelings, LOL. TBH I haven't 
used a local mail client for a long, long time. Something changed 
recently that I think is making me want to bail on the browser-based 
experience and instead start rebuilding and flexing the powerful muscles 
that come from a local client -- MailMate looks a winner!

But all that said, I confess I'm nervous. My experience in the past, 
maybe it sounds familiar to somebody, is that the mail handling on my 
local computer will become such a part of normal workflows... using 
anything else will shortly be entirely unsatisfactory.

In the form of a question, do you use both MailMate and also some IMAP 
thing from your smartphone? I'm not really concerned about a quick 
check-in on someone else's computer and browser... I just want to 
integrate my computer and my phone, and don't think MailMate provides a 
one-stop answer(?). If you've solved this concern please tell me (us) 
how you did it?


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