[MlMt] get sub folder pr unique id in subject?

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 06:15:18 EST 2015

>> I fixed one part - using Subject as the unique value  - but haven't 
>> been able to get the name format to do anything but showing the full 
>> subject now :/
> If I understand correctly then it's your regular expression that fails 
> to work correctly?

I think so yes.

> To make sure I understand the problem, could you reduce it to a single 
> subject line, your current format string, and your expected output? 
> Then I can send an email to myself with the subject line and try it 
> myself.


[jbosstools-issues] (JBIDE-19362) Garbled text in forge list when 
SWT_GTK3 is true

I want to get the submailbox to be just JBIDE-19362

>>> I'm trying to create a subfolder pr a unique pattern in subject.

> Ah, you can only make submailboxes based on an existing header (or 
> specifier on the header). The format string is only for formatting the 
> names of those submailboxes (based on the first (last?) message in the 
> mailbox).
> What you need is a new specifier. I think the best resource for that 
> is this [mailing list 
> message](https://www.mail-archive.com/mailmate%40lists.freron.com/msg02220.html).

that looks similar - I'll try dig into it.

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