[MlMt] generic rule Move mail to mailbox where the from_address already occurs

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Feb 24 10:08:27 EST 2015

On 22 Feb 2015, at 15:33, Marc ARC wrote:

> [...]
> I would like to kind a solution where the target can be condition 
> specific.
> 	a kind of move this_mail to mailbox where already is mail from 
> this_mail-mailsender
> What purpose does this suite?
> On one of my email addresses I get lots of email from senders which I 
> like to call “ worth keeping but not immediately reading/ spending 
> time”, ex news letters, updates, certain publicity.
> These are well defined and since there is a lot of them I prefer to 
> keep them organized in a real mailbox situation.
> So the idea is, „archive/put away” once a mail and all new mail 
> will go in the same mailbox
> Anybody an idea?

Just to makes sure we are on the same page: Let's assume you have a 
mailbox named “News Letters”. If I understand you correctly then you 
can do something like this with a rule on your Inbox:

		From ▸ Address “is in” [News Letters] From ▸ Address
		Move to Mailbox: News Letters

But you want to go one step further with a generic rule for a subset of 

I cannot think of any way to do that which I guess makes it a feature 
request :-) It's not obvious how such a feature should work though...

Well, I can actually think of way to do it using a bundle. It would 
require two commands. A command which would allow you to set a mailbox 
name on a given message. This command would move the message to the 
mailbox (creating it if necessary) and also store the link between the 
from address and the mailbox. Another command should then be triggered 
for any incoming messages. This command would look for existing 
“links” and return a move action with the corresponding mailbox. 
Voila :-) If only bundle commands were properly documented...

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