[MlMt] generic rule Move mail to mailbox where the from_address already occurs

Marc ARC MailMate at arcict.com
Sun Feb 22 09:33:03 EST 2015


I'm trying to make a simple but clever rule to achieve the following.

I have a smartmailbox ( which refers to one or a number of mailboxes ), 
a collection of incoming mail.

I want to move these mails to a sender specific target mailbox,
	if the from address exists in the specific the target mailboxes.
	ex all the mails from jan at domain.com should go to the target mailbox 
where already are one or more mails from jan at domain.com

What is holding me back so far, is that I haven’t been able to define 
a generic rule to move mail to the mail_sender_specific mail box.
ex: I can achieve this but only to a specific ( hardcoded ) target mail 

I would like to kind a solution where the target can be condition 
	a kind of move this_mail to mailbox where already is mail from 

What purpose does this suite?

On one of my email addresses I get lots of email from senders which I 
like to call “ worth keeping but not immediately reading/ spending 
time”, ex news letters, updates, certain publicity.

These are well defined and since there is a lot of them I prefer to keep 
them organized in a real mailbox situation.
So the idea is, „archive/put away” once a mail and all new mail will 
go in the same mailbox

Anybody an idea?
Or is this an enhancement request for Benny ;-)

Thanks in advance,


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