[MlMt] spacebar: scroll message, or toggle headers?

Shoshanna Green shoshannag at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 11:27:25 EST 2015

On 15 Feb 2015, at 18:06, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 15 Feb 2015, at 21:06, Shoshanna Green wrote:
>> When I open a message I've received, often I'm going to want to 
>> scroll down to read it all. But if I immediately hit the spacebar, it 
>> toggles between full and compact headers. I have to click in the 
>> message body to focus it, and only then will the spacebar scroll the 
>> message.
> At first I didn't understand this, but reading the replies I 
> understand that it's about the single message window. I'll fix the 
> default focus.

Yes, sorry -- I'm using the Widescreen layout, but with the message list 
expanded all the way to the right, so that all messages are forced to 
open in new windows. (I use Witch, http://manytricks.com/witch/, to give 
me keyboard access to windows, so I always prefer individual windows to 
panes or tabs. If I could have the mailbox list and message list in 
individual windows, I'd do that too!)

> Well, the tab key should also move the focus to the message view.

Not reliably. Tab changes the focus, but if the message has blocked 
external references, Tab moves the focus to the Load Once, Mark as Not 
Junk, and Move to Junk buttons before getting to the message body. I do 
think the default focus should be on the message body, so I look forward 
to that!

Shoshanna Green
shoshannag at gmail.com

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