[MlMt] Submailboxes regression with r5060

Torsten Grust torsten.grust at uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Feb 20 10:13:18 EST 2015

On 20 Feb 2015, at 15:56, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote (with possible 
> On 19 Feb 2015, at 18:03, Torsten Grust wrote:
>> On 19 Feb 2015, at 17:06, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote (with possible 
>> deletions):
>>> I can reproduce the issue. I first tried adding a new tag to a 
>>> message which worked fine, but then I added another tag to the same 
>>> message and I got two unnamed submailboxes. I'll look into it.
>> Thanks for looking into it!  Great!
> I've tried to fix this in the latest test version. It was more tricky 
> than I thought and a proper fix would require more work. I believe it 
> works now though.

r5063 appears to fix this bug for me.  Thanks a bunch, Benny!

> I've also been looking into the mythical double character issue which 
> is bug number 1 on my list now. It's not fixed, but at least I've seen 
> it myself a few times now :-)

Ddoouubbllee cchhaarraacctteerrss??  II ddoonn''tt sseeee tthhaatt 

> Have a nice weekend.

You too!


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