[MlMt] Server unavailable

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Feb 18 10:27:04 EST 2015

On 18 Feb 2015, at 1:20, Allie Martin wrote:

> If an source comes up with mailboxes as 'unavailable', what does this 
> mean?

That something went wrong with the connection and MailMate is going to 
try again later. “Later” is a very short time at first, but it 
increases if it continues to fail. This handles all kinds of server and 
network issues.

> One of my accounts has all the mailboxes as 'unavailable'.  I connect 
> to the account using my iPhone just fine.

There is a known issue with Gmail for some users on some networks. I 
still haven't resolved that.

> The activity viewer isn't at all 'verbose' on the matter so I have no 
> idea what's happening.  Any logs that I can check?

Logs can be found in the “Activity Viewer” (⌥⌘0). If you open 
that window and relaunch MailMate to make sure connecting to the account 
is retried then you can use “Help ▸ Send Server Logs” to let me 
review the problem. (Note that logging is only enabled when the activity 
window is open.)


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