[MlMt] Suggestion to make editing Smart Folders easier

Helen Holzgrafe helen at holzgrafe.com
Tue Feb 17 11:55:09 EST 2015


After creating a number of Smart Folders I would like to suggest a way 
to make this a bit easier.

Right now, you do all the editing of the rules in the editing window, 
but need to edit and view all the other information like the Smart 
Folder's name and its Displayed Count in the list on the left. Thus I 
need to click around to several places to review whether I have set up a 
Smart Window correctly.

I'd like to see a small toolbar-like area at the top of the Smart Folder 
Editing window that shows this information and at the same time allows 
editing of the name, the displayed count, the Sync schedule, the folder 
type, etc.

It's nice to have the editing of some of these available in the 
contextual menu, as they are now. But I really think it would make 
things much easier if all of these were in one place for viewing and 

I guess the IMAP folders editing window should behave the same way.

Again, this is a a suggestion, but I'd really like to see this happen 


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