[MlMt] spacebar: scroll message, or toggle headers?

Allie Martin amd at maclink.me
Mon Feb 16 21:10:27 EST 2015

On 16 Feb 2015, at 21:06, Allie Martin wrote:

> I don't know what's happening but the quoting only selected text 
> behaviour is strange. I've seen this before but not often and I'm not 
> sure what triggers it. Maybe you're already aware of it.

It happens when there's Markdown elements within the text somewhere.  If 
there's only plain text, then the quoting is fine.

> Additionally, quoted text is being quite severely wrapped, i.e., at 
> about 40 or so characters.

OK.  Formatting looks strange in the editor, but comes out fine on the 
other end.  :)  I should keep my eyes on the preview pane below. :)

Curtis acm

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