[MlMt] How do I find out what Smart Folders a message can be found in?

Helen Holzgrafe helen at holzgrafe.com
Thu Feb 12 13:26:09 EST 2015


Is there a way to see what Smart Folders a message can be found in 
without opening each folder and looking for it in its list of messages?

In Apple Contacts you can select a contact and then press the option 
button and the groups a contact is part of will temporarily turn blue 
and bold in the list of groups on the left of the window.

Is there something like that in MailMate? Can I suggest that or better 
yet a popup contextual menu or something like that?

I see this as an easier way to make sure a message is actually filtering 
into the Smart Folders I think it is supposed to.  If it was presented 
as a contextual list of those Smart Folders it would allow me to easily 
select one that is not working correctly and edit it.


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