[MlMt] Tags and Submailboxes

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Tue Feb 10 07:20:35 EST 2015

On 10 Feb 2015, at 12:31, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> Make sure you clear the “Mailbox name format” in the 
> “Submailboxes” pane. It's a bit subtle to make this work correctly 
> (because of the multiple values), but I think the above is a sign that 
> you have the “wrong” format string.

Aaaah, great. :-) That was the problem. I did this many months before 
after a tip to solve a specific problem (no idea what it was:-)).

In this context a little feature request (or should I open a ticket?):

Int the tag editor I'm missing a contextmenu (triggered by keystroke) to 
look for a specific tag. Currently I use tags (display name) beginning 
with _ (underscore) to get such a list. In the settings I use a mapping 
like _atag to atag.

(I don't use real display names, like "To be answered", because in older 
versions of Mailmate I wasn't able to display this in subfolders.)

Thank you.


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