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Allie Martin amd at maclink.me
Fri Feb 6 08:26:23 EST 2015

On 5 Feb 2015, at 17:23, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> You can use `searchAllMessages:`. Holding down ⌥ when hitting enter 
> is the only way to do a current mailbox search with the toolbar search 
> field.

Does the search update each time you hit enter for the same string?

The reason I ask is that I searched for a message that I wanted to 
review and perhaps reply to.  I quickly located it with search string 
'gmc'.  I replied to the message and then did the search again. My reply 
did not appear.  In my opinion, this means one of two things:
- string searches are not being applied to quoted text since my reply 
would now contain the search string in quoted text.
- the search results are cached and the cached results are referred to 
unless a defined period of time has passed or a new search is forced.

In your release notes, you used the term 'body'.  Does this mean all 
message body excluding quoted text?

Running MailMate v1.8(5051) on Mac OS X v10.10.2
MacBook Air

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