[MlMt] suggestion - search buttons

Scott A. McIntyre mailmate at howyagoin.net
Thu Feb 5 17:16:10 EST 2015


> Well, I might not have “finished” this feature, but it's certainly 
> in a useful state now. Fetch the latest test release, read the 
> instructions in the release notes, and try it out.

Couple of bugs:

1)  Select a mailbox, enter a word to search for in box, alt-enter.  
Matches display for that mailbox, but, clicking on one of the messages 
reverts the search to "All Mailboxes" and ends up displaying a 
*different* message than the one was clicked upon.  Tested this with an 
INBOX as the original search mailbox.

2)  Personal preference: If you "x" to clear a search in the search box, 
it should also have the effect of "-" to remove the search terms.

Loving this feature though.  Must send Benny more money.

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