[MlMt] suggestion - search buttons

Scott A. McIntyre mailmate at howyagoin.net
Thu Feb 5 17:03:45 EST 2015


>> Well, I might not have “finished” this feature, but it's 
>> certainly in a useful state now. Fetch the latest test release, read 
>> the instructions in the release notes, and try it out.
>> Also, I believe I've fixed the worst bugs in the 64 bit version of 
>> MailMate. If recent releases have been unstable for you then try 
>> again now.
> Just started with new search bar enabled.
> This is amazing! nuff'said.
> Enter / Alt+Enter is a lifesafer and going to have fun learning the 
> various qualifiers.

Love it.  GREAT start.  And thank you for NOT making it live-updating.  
I'm sure some people would like that, but, that significantly slows 
things down, and this actually gives a super zippy result.

I also like the idea of the keybinding option down the road, so that "/" 
or whatever triggers going to the search box.  Very vi-like, I 
appreciated that suggestion.  ;-)

The keywords may be something you want to think about, possibly adding 
punctuation like "m:" or "f:" -- I don't think I can search for the 
letter "m" as a single letter in my messages, for example.  Odd as it 
may sound, that's the sort of thing I need to do from time to time.

GREAT stuff Benny, thank you so much!!


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