[MlMt] folder based on colored flags?

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Tue Dec 29 12:34:57 EST 2015

MailMate FLAG Colors

# Color		Flags
- --------     	------------------------------------
1 RED 		\Flagged
2 ORANGE	$MailFlagBit0 \FLagged
3 YELLOW	$MailFlagBit1 \FLagged
4 GREEN	$MailFlagBit0 $MailFlagBit1 \FLagged
5 BLUE		$MailFlagBit2 \FLagged
6 PURPLE	$MailFlagBit0 $MailFlagBit2 \FLagged
7 GRAY		$MailFlagBit1 $MailFlagBit2 \FLagged

Attached (if it came through) is a screenshot showing how I have setup 
the conditions to check for the Orange Flag F2

__*Richard Rettke*__
*Laus Deo*
*Non sibi sed patriae*


On 29 Dec 2015, at 11:05, Steven M. Bellovin smb-at-cs.columbia.edu 
|MailMate Freron Software/RER>Vendor>Software| wrote:

> It was good to learn that F+<0-7> could be used for different-colored 
> flags.  Is there some keyword or tag that I can query associated with 
> this?  I'd like to be able to flag messages for different purposes and 
> then have subfolders of "Flagged" for different colors/purposes.
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