[MlMt] SpamSieve drone setup

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Thu Dec 3 16:24:13 EST 2015

I'm looking to configure a spam drone, that will work for my entire 
family.  I have a Mac mini that I run as a file server (it is NOT the 
mail server, though), and my idea is to configure it to be the spam 
drone, and it will do the work of filtering out the spam before 
(hopefully) it gets through to the mail clients running on our 
respective machines.  I'm looking for advice/suggestions/tips/cautions 
from anyone who's been down this road before me.

On our personal laptops, I use Mailmate and my wife and kids use Apple 
Mail; all of us Apple Mail on various iDevices as well.

My plan is to use SpamSieve on the Mac mini; and I know about the pages 


I'll have all of my family members' accounts entered into the one 
running instance of the mail client running on the mini (running under 
my login account, the others don't really log in there with their own 
account, aside from doing some file sharing); should that be Apple Mail 
or Mailmate?  The MailMate page seems to be the simpler option, but I'll 
forego a "simple" configuration if stability is at all an issue.

After that's all set up on the mini, do I understand correctly that it's 
then simply a process of moving any spam that gets passed to the client 
to the TrainSpam mailbox, and likewise move false-positives to the 
TrainGood mailbox, and all will then be right with the world?  And all 
messages that get marked as spam will eventually end up in the account's 
Junk mailbox, right, so that's the place they can look for 

Another tangentially-related question: Both my wife and I receive copies 
of our kids' email messages (each of their public email addresses is 
actually an alias that forwards the received messages to their "real" 
email account as well as my wife's and my account.  I assume that 
training messages received in that fashion (from my or my wife's client) 
is just as good as training from their real accounts, right?  (I 
understand it won't re-filter messages already received to their 
clients, but will help with future messages.)

As I said, any advice/suggestions/tips/cautions from anyone who's done 
this before is appreciated!


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