[MlMt] Layouts with Non-Columnar Formatting

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Dec 2 03:56:30 EST 2015

On 2 Dec 2015, at 3:51, Gary Hull wrote:

> So it seems to me that you could do away with "functional, but boring" 
> reviews

I don't really mind having this label ;-) That doesn't mean I 
deliberately try to make MailMate boring, but I don't want to make 
something pretty if it's at the expense of making something less 
functional or non-standard.

> by liberalizing the degree to which customization could be done. At 
> that point people would have the tools to mimic whatever design they 
> like. Or switch among designs weekly. MailMate could become the mail 
> application for people for whom "looks are important," so important 
> that they want to do it themselves or choose among several 
> well-designed variations.

I think most people want something which is just pretty out-of-the-box 
(and not necessarily configurable), but my goal is probably very close 
to what you suggest. If possible (technically and performance-wise), I 
would like both a one-column message list and the current headers view 
to be based on HTML — and this would include making it as 
user-configurable as possible for power users.

Right now my main priority is still (much) better handling of HTML when 
replying/forwarding. There won't be any other major changes until after 
that is complete. I'm just constantly side-tracked by having to deal 
with bugs in IMAP servers, MailMate, other email clients/services, and 
El Capitan. In that order and particularly the first one :-)


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