[MlMt] Can mailmate support my workflow

Ralf Weber mailmate at fl1ger.de
Tue Apr 28 14:40:42 EDT 2015


As some of my friends moved to mailmate and mail.app is giving me a hard 
time at the moment I am considering to switching my UI mail reader to 
mailmate. However reading up a bit on it and started playing with it I 
am not sure if it can support my workflow or if I have to change that, 
which might be hard as I want to continue to use mutt as a non UI mail 

So here's how my mail works today:

- All mail (including a lot of mailing list traffic) come to my INBOX 
(multiple accounts).
- I then read that and based on certain criteria have rules that I 
execute on a keystroke (mutt with marcos, mail.app with Mail-Act-On) it 
is sorted into certain folders
- I know that mail mate has smart folders, but as I want to continue to 
use mutt I need the mails in real imap folders and not just virtual.

Is it possible to create that workflow and if how (pointers 

TIA and so long

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