[MlMt] New MailMate User here, and have some questions...

Peter Losher plosher at plosh.net
Fri May 31 21:19:24 EDT 2013

On 31 May 2013, at 1:22, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> Right now searching seems to fail for me, but it worked in the past. 
> I'll have to look into that later.

Cool, thanks; makes me look less clueless when I can easily search the 
archives and see if a issue has been discussed before. ;)

(dealing with Zimbra issues directly so skipping that point)

> It is a hidden preference, because it is quite primitive as you have 
> seen. I am currently redesigning the mailbox editor and this is also 
> going to allow more per-mailbox settings (such as reply behavior). 
> I'll note that I should also consider a Bcc setting. Maybe not per 
> account, but per mailbox (any kind of mailbox). I guess it could work 
> like this (also for other features):
> * If the currently selected (smart) mailbox has a bcc setting then use 
> that.
> * Otherwise look for a bcc setting for the IMAP mailbox of the 
> message.
> * Otherwise look for a bcc setting for the IMAP account.
> * Otherwise look for a global Bcc setting.
> Don't expect the above soon, but discussing how a feature is best 
> implemented always makes it more likely to happen in the future :-)

Heh. I would just be happy with "a bcc setting for the IMAP account", 
but for matters of flexibility, more knobs are always nice, so the above 
would work for me as well.

And yes, having more account specific preferences is a good thing for 
those of us with multiple accounts.

> Printing has not received a lot of love in MailMate (my own printer 
> has been broken for years now). I've now changed it such that it 
> defaults to the display font.

I'll admit, I don't print as much as I used to (a good thing), but when 
I do, I want it to look as it was intended on screen. ;)

> If you want a different font/size then it is possible to do it using a 
> stylesheet. For example, put the following:
> 	@media print {
> 		body {
> 			font: 12pt "Courier";
> 		}
> 	}
> in this file (you'll need to create the path):
> 	~/Library/Application 
> Support/MailMate/Resources/MmMessagesWebView/stylesheet.css

Cool, coming from a Thunderbird (Mozilla) universe, I have a real hacked 
up user{Chrome,Content}.css file, so this method is very familiar. ;)  I 
have gone ahead and done this and am pleased with the results.  Thanks!

> MailMate is very strict about threading. Both parent and child must 
> exist for it to work. If you have two messages where it fails then you 
> are welcome to send me an example (privately). You can even limit the 
> example to the `Message-ID` and `In-Reply-To`/`References` headers.

Ack, if I can generate a sanitized example I will pass it on….

>> Interested to hear any workarounds for any of these issues. ;)
> I hope you find some of the answers useful.

Very much so. ;)

A couple of more issues that I somehow missed in my original request:

- I have it configured in Counters to not play a sound on new messages 
(None); that doesn't seem to work. :S  When I get a bunch of new 
messages in quick succession it gets… annoying with all the pings.

- Does MailMate allow you to show PDF attachments inline?  I see the 
"disable inline PDF's" option in Preferences and I have that unchecked 
but it's not showing the PDF's inline that it would in Mail.app. (and 
the mime type for the PDF is set correctly)

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