[MlMt] New MailMate User here, and have some questions...

Peter Losher plosher at plosh.net
Thu May 30 20:41:33 EDT 2013

Hi all,

New MailMate user, bought the license, drank most of the kool-aid. ;)  
Being a former Pine, Thunderbird, Mail.app user, there are many parts of 
MailMate that I really do like (native OpenPGP support, display font 
customization, keyboard shortcuts).  But there have been some drawbacks 
- if they have already been addressed in the list archives, then point 
me there and I'll read up. (too bad mailman doesn't have integrated 
search capabilities)

My setup is to two IMAP servers, one for work (Zimbra 8.x), one for 
personal (Dovecot 1.x) where sent mail is relayed separately (work via 
Zimbra, personal via my personal server).  Note that I already know of 
the one Zimbra related issue i/r/t folders that is already in the bugs 
queue (and it's more annoying than anything).

But a couple of annoyances….

Per account preferences - since I have to keep work mail separate from 
my personal mail, having the ability to set per-account preferences like 
autoBCC.  I know in the hidden preferences pane you can set it to 
auto-BCC but it's one address overall (I hope I am mistaken)  I have 
been resorting to trying to put it in manually with every message which 
is spotty at best.

Use the same font (and size) for printing as display - I am a curmudgeon 
- I like all my plain text email to use a monospace font (in this case 
Courier Prime 12pt).  However when I print out a email, it's using Lucid 
Grande (the old default) and the font size is like 16pt. :(  Any way to 
change that?  If it's HTML mail then use whatever fonts it wants, but 
for text emails it should honor the font settings for display which has 
been my experience with most other MUA's.

Threading - $work uses RequestTracker to handle trouble tickets, and RT 
does keep the Reference: header populated, but every message that I get 
from that system comes across as a new thread in MailMate (even though 
the Subject and Reference headers indicate that it's part of a larger 
thread.)  Happy to pass along examples if need be (and I can get them 

Interested to hear any workarounds for any of these issues. ;)

Best Wishes - Peter
[ http://www.plosh.net/ ] - "Earth Halted: Please reboot to continue"

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